Patrick Mahomes Net Worth 2024: How Much Does Patrick Mahomes Make a Year?

Following his latest deal, Patrick Mahomes, now with Kansas City, earns an annual salary of $61 million, and his net worth in 2024 is expected to reach approximately $170 Million. He began his career as an American football player at Texas Tech University, where he played quarterback. Then he played his first tournaments with the Kansas City Chiefs after being selected in the 2017 NFL draft. In the 2018 season, Mahomes became the most prominent player in NFL history with 50 touchdown passes. This hard struggle create path toward nominations for various awards, enhancing his credibility during the season.

Patrick Mahomes Net Worth 2024

After gaining popularity, Patrick Mahomes is now treated like a celebrity and enjoys high value, leading to widespread knowledge of his net worth 2024. This figure is based on estimations, as an official announcement has not been made.

Approximate Net Worth Stats
$170 M

How Much Does Patrick Mahomes Make a Year?

The basic salary for this player is $61 million, while his approximate endorsement figure is $11 million. Apart from this, he receives millions of dollars in bonuses each year. These are the basic sources of income from which he makes a huge amount annually.

  • Approx. Amounts:
Annual Salary $61 Million
Endorsement Income  $11 Million (Approx.)
Annual Bonus Amount N/A

“Some other Highlights”

Home Is in Cass County
Car One of his favorite is Ferrari 812 Superfast
Current Team Kansas City Chiefs
Previous Team Kansas City Chiefs
Position Quarterback
NBA Start Career 2017

Patrick Mahomes Endorsements:

During career time, he gained high fame due to his performance, and billions of people follow this player on various social media platforms.

  • The brands that have contracted with him include Oakley and many other. He made a approx. total of $11 million per year from these endorsements.
Main Sponsor (Maybe few of his deals are expired now)
Hunt’s, Oakley, Essentia Water, State Farm, DirecTV, Adidas, and Head & Shoulders
Income from them (Approx.)
$11 M Per Year

Contract Details:

Patrick has renegotiated all the terms and conditions of his contract that was signed in 2020 with the Kansas City Chiefs. This time, he signed a 10 year deal worth $450 million and this has a handsome bonus amount. The contract duration is until 2031.

Contract Duration 10 Year
Amount $450 Million
Total Bonus Amount $100 Million

here is Patrick Mahomes

Salary Per Year

Patrick has trusted personality, and his current contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, aside from when it was finalized, determined an annual salary of $61 M. However, these are approximate figures. According to some rumors, his salary will increase next season, but the source of this news is not authentic.

Annual Salary $61 Million

How Much Money Is Patrick Mahomes Guaranteed in His Contract?

Before signing the contract, he and his team management agreed on a guaranteed amount because if team management were to release Patrick Mahomes from his panel during the contract, he would receive the guaranteed amount. Thus, the stat is:

Guaranteed Amount $141.48 M

He has appeared as a shining star since signing a long term contract with his team that will end around after a decade. Yet, fans can refer to Patrick Mahomes net worth 2024, as highlight above. Moreover, he has achieved various goals in this field.

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