Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Using the website and the online services provided by, a commitment to privacy is made.

Data Controller

Head Office of managing the complete data.


When the user visits a website, a cookie is transferred to their computer’s hard drive. Only session cookies are used on our site, and these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed. When you close your browser, the session cookies are gone. The information collected by session cookies does not remain on the computer of the user. It’s usually just a session id, not a user’s name, that gets stored.

Your browsing experience will be enhanced with the use of cookies on this site. You may, however, wish to disable cookies if you wish to do so on this site, which can be accomplished by disabling cookies in your browser.

Information Sharing

People who come on the platform and read info about net worth. If you want to share the link on a personal blog or another platform like Social Media you can share.

Advertising Policy

We do not take advertisements from private companies while just receiving from google.

Children’s Information

The protection of children while they use the Internet is another priority of ours. Observation, participation, and monitoring of their online activities are all important for parents and guardians.