Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2024, Salary, Endorsement: How Much does he Make?

All in all, Carmelo Anthony achievements contribute to his net worth that is currently approx. $182 million. When he won a gold medal in the 2004 Olympic Season, his worth suddenly increased. Then, he signed a contract with the Lakers, who contributes significantly to his wealth. He was consistently worked hard and practiced diligently. Yes, after overcoming struggles, he also became one of the highest paid too. His career began in college, and over time, he joined various clubs. After a long period of perseverance, he was selected in the NBA draft.

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2024:

After starting career in 2003, Carmelo Anthony has spent around 20 years in this field. Consequently, his fan base has grown over the years, and they are curious about his total worth.

Approximate Amount $182 Millions

Carmelo Anthony Salary 2024

Since his last contract ended, he has retired. Perhaps he will soon choose coaching or another profession, which will clarify his next salary amount.

Endorsements Earnings:

Being an influential player, famous brands such as Samsung, Nike, PowerAde, Footlocker, and Draft King Hair approached him for endorsements. According to some viral news, his endorsement income is around 6 million.

Approx. Sponsor Income $6 Million

How Much does Carmelo Anthony Make?

Before the last few years of his retirement, he earned around 2.6 million dollars as a salary, while receiving dollars in endorsements from different brands. Moreover, because of the ending years of his career, he received lower endorsement charges.

Make a Year(Approx.) $3 Million

“Last Contract”

  • He has signed one year contract with Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Total value of this contract is $2.64 M.
  • Duration of this contract was only 1 year.
  • This is the guaranteed amount

he is Carmelo Anthony

Major Draft History:

Team Name Draft Year
Denver Nuggets 2003
New York Knicks 2012 to 2018

Carmelo Anthony Total NBA Career Earnings:

After combining his entire season salary, Carmelo Anthony’s total NBA career earnings amount to $262 Million. This figure represents the basic amount without bonuses, as team management awards substantial bonuses at the end of every tournament, championship, and season. Yes, its thought that this is one of the highest salary take person in his team.

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