James Conner Net Worth 2023 Salary, Endorsements: How much does James Conner Make?

A few years ago, James Conner joined the NFL league and signed a 4-year deal with the Steelers. But these days, he is a part of the Cardinals. People ask about James Conner Net Worth 2023 which is $7 million. Further, he earned money through different ways like NFL endorsement and business. So, the lifestyle of this player is much more luxurious like a big home, sports car, and some other. Meanwhile, the previous year’s net worth of James Conner is available.

James Conner Net Worth 2023

After leaving the Steelers, James Conner signed an agreement with the Cardinals. After this deal, James Conner net worth increased because the previous year his net worth was around $4.5 million but this year, James net worth is $7 million. Moreover, people can get the Dez Bryant Net Worth 2023.

James Conner Net Worth 2023

7 Million Dollars

James Conner Net Worth 2023 $4.8 Million
James Conner Net Worth 2021 $3 million
James Conner Net Worth 2020 $1 Million

James Conner Salary 2023

  • When James Conner was playing with the Steelers then his annual salary amount was 8 Lac dollars which have received throughout four years.
  • But after signing a deal with the Cardinals, his salary amount is 7 million dollars.

James Conner Endorsements

Brands Name Endorsement Income
Adidas Update Soon

James Conner Career

  • The initial level career of James Conner started in 2014 when he joined his college team.
  • With the passage of time, he take expertise in his skill, and in the 2017 NFL draft, he was selected.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers gave opportunity in his team for four years and he perform very well.
  • But in 2020 he left the steelers and then joined Arizona Cardinals.

James Conner Major Source of Income

James Conner Net Worth Basic Source of Income.
  1. James Conner’s basic source of income is NFL.
  2. He earns an annually good amount from the Endorsement of different brands.
  3. No doubt, he invested millions of dollars with different organizations where monthly he earns a good amount.

James Conner House

James Conner Net Worth

Information Regarding James Conner House Worth, Current Living Place, and Locations:

House Worth Update Soon
House Location Update Soon
Current Living Place Erie, Pennsylvania

James Conner Occupation

All occupations of James Conner where he earns are discussed.

1st NFL
2nd Advertisement
3rd Businessmen

James Conner Awards and Achievement

NOTE: All awards he won during his career are here below.

2018, 2021 2× Pro Bowl
2014 AFCA First-team All-American
2014 ACC Player of the Year
2014 ACC Offensive Player of the Year
2016 ACC Brian Piccolo Award
2014, 2016 2× First-team All-ACC

James Connor Early Life and Bio Graphy

Bio and Early Life of James Conner
  • Glen Conner is the father of James Conner.
  • Kelly Patterson is the mother of James Conner.
  • The process of Primary Education is completed in McDowell.
  • Higher-level education was completed in Pittsburgh.

How much does James Conner Make?

Hopefully, you will get its answer from the upper and lower text. He is really passionate about his career and all the time he works hard and more practice. When he play on the ground then he use different techniques and on the basis of his technique, he won two awards.


How rich is James Conner?

ANS: From his salary, it seems that he gets about 8 to 9 Million dollars per year.

How much did James Conner sign for?

ANS: Yes, he signed for 21 Million dollars that is a great amount.

How much is James Conner Cardinal’s contract?

ANS: He charged $21 Million for this total duration. Furthermore, he signed on a guaranteed check too. Because if the team will left then firstly they will pay this amount.

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