Drew Brees Net Worth 2023: How much does Drew Brees Make a Year?

Drew Brees Net Worth 2023Drew Brees Net Worth 2023

$120 Million

From early life, Drew Brees was intelligent, and during college life, he joined the football team. When he joined the team, just as time passed, but with the passage of time, he was enrolled and pursuing a career. Moreover, during college, he played in small tournaments, but when he entered university, luckily his team coach was brilliant and he learned a lot of things about this field. Furthermore, for post-graduation, the National Football Foundation was given a scholarship due to its extraordinary performance. Due to his performance within a few years, he enrolled in the NFL. The New Orleans Saints picked Drew Brees as their quarterback and he has given much success to his team through his performance. On the other hand, throughout his career, he achieved different life goals that were important to him. Furthermore, Drew Brees’ net worth 2022 is here because he is very famous.


How much does Drew Brees Make a Year?

  • In the year 2020, he signed a new contract and then decided on a 25 million dollar annual salary. Moreover, the credibility of this player is very high, so when billions of people like it on social media platforms, then definitely every brand wants to do an endorsement.
  • So, in terms of endorsements, he earns around $15 million per year. So, how much does Drew Brees earn per year? $40 million.
Endorsement Income 25 Million Dollar
Annual Salary $15 Million

Drew Brees Some Highlights

Home / House Austin, Texas
Car Ford Mustang
Current Team New Orleans Saints
Previous Team San Diego Chargers
Position Quarterback
NFL Started Date 2001

Drew Brees Endorsements

  • Brands do not sign contracts with any player while just done dealing with those who are famous and people like them.  Microsoft is a well-known company, but this year he has signed a contract for endorsement, as Nike and Dunkin’ Donuts have finalized the deal.
  • The endorsement income of this player is around 15 million dollars, but these figures are not exact because, officially, he has not announced them and we have gathered them through different sources.
Endorsement Income 15 Million Dollar Annually

How much does Drew Brees Make as an Announcer?

He has worked as an announcer for different shows and tournaments. But he was one of the most expensive announcers because, if we discuss income as an announcer, that is 17 million dollars per year while when he is free from tournaments or football practice, he starts working as an announcer.

Make As Announcer 17 Million Dollars Per Year

How much Money has Drew Brees Donated?

  • In 2003, he built one foundation that was to care for poor children. On the other hand, he has sent millions of dollars to different charity foundations.
  • Till now, he has sent 33 million dollars, but these are some old figures, while he has not announced his latest donated figures.
Donated Amount 33 Million Dollar

How much is a Drew Brees Rookie Card Worth?

The value of the Drew Brees rookie card is different because he won different cards, while the value of the rookie card is different. Furthermore, the price of the cards is given below the table.

Rookie Card Worth In Between 9 Dollar to 27 Dollar

Drew Brees Salary by Year NBC | AS A Commentator Per Year

  • At this time, he is playing with the New Orleans Saints and his annual salary is 50 million dollars. In addition, he has a two-year contract and will be paid $25 million per year.
  • Moreover, people are finding Drew Brees salary with NBC, as a commentator, and some other things. So all the information is mentioned below.
NBC 25 Million Dollar
As a Commentator 17 Million Dollar

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