Michael Strahan Net Worth 2023: How much does Michael Strahan Make a Year?

Michael Strahan Net Worth 2023Michael Strahan Net Worth 2023

$65 Million

After retiring from the NFL, Michael Strahan joined the media industry and worked in different fields, like sports analysts, guests, anchors, and hosts. Moreover, he was one of the professional players in the NFL and set different records during his career. Basically, he started his career in 1993 and ended it in 2007. The duration of his career was around 15 years, and throughout his career, he played with the New York Giants. During his NFL career, he played 200 games, many of which he won with his team. Many of the trophies were won by his team under the surveillance of Michael Strahan. At this time, he is famous in the media industry because most of the time, when the NFL season starts, he makes shows and gives different suggestions on football. Moreover, during the season, many of the TV channels invite and take the opinion of this player.


How much does Michael Strahan Make a Year?

Michael Strahan was famous in the NFL and nowadays appears on television. On the other hand, how much does Michael Strahan make a year? His income is 18 million dollars. The annual basic salary of this celebrity is 17 million dollars, while many of the brands take endorsement services and pay around 1 million dollars per year.

Annual Salary 17 Million Dollars
Endorsement Income 1 Million Dollars

Michael Strahan Some Highlights

Home / House Houston, Texas
Car Toyota Supra
Current Team Retired
Previous Team the New York Giants
Position Defensive end
NFL Career 1993–2007

Michael Strahan Salary

Michael Strahan has worked in different fields and is now working on TV shows and as an analyst. So the details of the salary are mentioned below the table.

Michael Strahan salary NFL $46 million
Michael Strahan salary fox sports $17 million per year
Michael Strahan salary per year $17 million per year
Michael Strahan salary abc $17 million
Michael Strahan salary for gma $17 million
Michael Strahan salary fox NFL Sunday Will Announce Soon
Michael Strahan salary on the pyramid N/A

How much does Michael Strahan make as a Commentator?

When the NFL season started, he worked as a commentator, but most importantly, how much did he take home as a commentator? That is not issued. Moreover, he has signed every year, but all the information about his contract is kept private by Michael Strahan. In addition, if he announces the income as a commentator, we will update the audience.

As a Commentator Will Announce Soon

How much does Michael Strahan make from Good Morning America?

In America, the Good Morning Show is very famous, but people want to know how much Michael Strahan makes from this show. That is 17 million dollars. Furthermore, these are statistics from the previous year, whereas the most recent statistics will be released as soon as possible.

Make from Morning America 17 Million Dollars

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