Von Miller Net Worth 2023: How much does Von Miller Make a Year?

Von Miller Net Worth 2023Von Miller Net Worth 2023

$40 Million

Von Miller’s career began in 2011 when he was selected by the Denver Broncos, but after 9 years, he changed teams and signed with the Los Angeles Rams. Moreover, the duration of this contract is 6 years, while the total value is $114,100,000. From an early age, he was interested in football, and with the passage of time, his passion increased. At the college level, he played in different national level tournaments and won different awards, but his professional breakthrough came when he reached the university team. No doubt, he got the best platform where he learned a lot of things. But after a long struggle, he enrolled in the 2011 NFL draft. During his NFL career, he achieved different goals, but his performance was outstanding, and hopefully, he will set some new records. Von Miller net worth 2022 is 40 million dollars.


How much does Von Miller Make a Year?

According to the latest contract, the annual salary of this player is around 9.7 million dollars, and the endorsement income of this celebrity is 2 million dollars. Those people who are finding out how much he makes a year, that is 11.7 million dollars.

Make a Year 11.7 Million Dollars

Von Miller Some Highlights

Home / House DeSoto, Texas
Car Ferrari
Current Team Los Angeles Rams
Previous Team Denver Broncos
Position Linebacker
NFL Started Career 2011-Present

How much is a Von Miller Rookie Card Worth?

  • There are different types of rookie cards, but some of the followers are seeking to know how much the Von Miller rookie card is worth, which is 10 dollars to 25 dollars.
  • Further, this is the estimated price of a rookie card because all the cards are not the same.
Rookie Card Worth 10 dollars to 25 Dollar

How much are the Rams Paying Von Miller?

He signed a 6-year contract with the Rams, but followers of this player are looking at how much the Rams are paying Von Miller. That is 116 million dollars across 6 years, including bonuses.

Rams Paying to Von Miller 116 million dollars

How much does Von Miller Make Per Game?

He has not signed a contract for a game while the duration of his first contract was nine years, and the new contract time period is six years. So, the minimum contract duration is 1 year. Information about per game income yet does not exist.

Make Per Game N/A

Von Miller Annual Salary

At this time, he is playing with the Los Angeles Rams. His annual salary is 9.7 million dollars. Moreover, the annual bonus amount is not included in the salary amount. In the future, if they increase the salary amount, we will inform the audience.

Von Miller Salary with Rams $9.7 Million Per Year
Von Miller Salary with the Denver Broncos $9 million

Von Miller Endorsements

The popularity of this player is going to increase day by day while he has signed with different brands for endorsement. So far this year, he has signed with Nike and a few other companies. He earns around $2 million per year from endorsements.

Endorsement Income $2 Million

Currently, he is a member of the Los Angeles Rams and the duration of his contract is 6 years. After this contract expires, maybe team management will extend it. If he signs a new contract with another team, he should be updated. Further, the latest figures on net worth are here.

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