R. Kelly Net Worth 2023: How much does R. Kelly Make a Year?

R. Kelly Net WorthR. Kelly Net Worth 2023

$ 2 Million

R. Kelly was considered a top American singer because, at the time, he was the most expensive rapper in America. Moreover, when he started his career, he was interested in basketball, but for some reason, he changed his field and then joined the music industry. The style of singing is totally different, and till now, thousands of albums have been released by them. Moreover, several albums have won the title of R & B. Till now, this is one of the first singers in America who has sold thousands of albums at high prices.

In addition, when he was enrolled in high school, he was shown musical interest in front of his music coach. Then his coach motivated this celebrity and gave him coaching for music. Get R. Kelly Net Worth 2023 that is 2 Million dollars.


How much does R. Kelly Make a Year?

  • R. Kelly started playing music in the streets, and with the passage of time, he built his career.
  • When he records an album, it sells for a million dollars.
  • Due to the high credibility of this celebrity, followers are looking to see how much R. Kelly makes a year.
  • So, the exact figure of earned stats does not yet exist because all the stats have been gathered from different sources.
  • Furthermore, he is performing concerts in various countries but has yet to declare his earnings from those performances.
Per Album Income Million of Dollars
Per Show Income 2 to 3 Million Dollars
Make from Endorsement 2 Million Dollars

R. Kelly Some Highlights

Real Name Robert Sylvester Kelly
House / Home Chicago
Car Rolls Royce
First Album Born into the ’90s
Last Album 12 Nights of Christmas

R. Kelly Youtube Channel

  • R. Kelly has one official YouTube channel, but he has not uploaded all of his albums. just uploading the minute’s clip for the entertainment of the audience.
  • On the other hand, currently, 184K people subscribe to YouTube channels.
  • In addition, recently, YouTube has removed some videos that were related to sexual abuse. Besides, YouTube has not banned the channel.
  • All the entertainment and music videos still exist on this channel. This celebrity does not issue the youtube income figure.
Youtube Subscriber 184K
Youtube Income Available Soon
  • During college life, he made a small group with his friends and performed in the streets, but with the passage of time, he visited different events.
  • Most importantly, a one-time music competition was started in America, and R. Kelly enrolled in this competition.
  • But when he won this competition, people focused on this singer.
  • From competitions, he collected millions of dollars and decided to record his album separately from his group.
  • His first album was extremely popular, and he has sold approximately 75 million records worldwide to date.
  • According to the media, he is a controversial celebrity because many cases of sexual harassment have been registered against him.
  • In 2019, he was arrested by the police on a court order because he was involved in child pornography.

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