Magic Johnson Net Worth 2023: How much does Magic Johnson Make a Year?

Magic Johnson Net Worth 2023Magic Johnson Net Worth 2023

$605 Million

Magic Johnson’s name has been added to the list of top basketball legends by the NBA.His career was not long because he spent just 13 seasons, and with that short career, he earned a lot of medals and different titles. The most important thing is that he played all the time with the Los Angeles Lakers. During childhood, he loved basketball, but the opportunity was built in college life. No doubt his family supported him all the time, and due to his sharp mind, he was clever. His father was a professional athlete but is now a professional NBA player. In addition, when tournaments were organized at the college level, he played with the Everett High School team and showed his skills. His college team was very impressed and then decided to give some extra classes on this field. At this time, he has retired from the NBA, and, nowadays, he is doing business.

How much does Magic Johnson Make a Year?

  • The approximate annual income of this celebrity is around 22 million dollars. It is earned from the business, but officially he has not issued the source of income.
  • According to some online sources, he is doing different businesses and has invested billions of dollars in different companies.
Annual Income 22 Million Dollars

Magic Johnson Salary History

  • Magic Johnson was enrolled in the NBA in 1979 and played 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers because this was the first team that gave him an opportunity in his career. He played all the time with this team.
  • When Magic Johnson joined the NBA, his salary amount and when he announced his retirement, how much he took from his team are mentioned below the table. Moreover, if we discuss the total income that has been earned from the NBA, it is around 50 million dollars.
Salary in 1979 with Los Angeles Lakers 10 Lakh Dollar Annually
Salary in 1996 when retired 5 Million Dollar

Note: All salary figures are gathered through different sources because they are officially not announced. So, as soon as we receive an authentic figure, we will update it.

Magic Johnson Contract History

Magic Johnson 13 Year Contract with Lakers 50 Million Dollar
magic Johnson rookie contract 10.5 Million Dollar
magic Johnson Nike contract N/A
magic Johnson long contract 25 Year with Lakers
magic Johnson converse contract 3 Million Dollar

Magic Johnson Endorsements

Magic Johnson is a well-known celebrity, and everyone is well aware of his credibility. So, every year, many brands sign contracts with different durations and amounts. If we discuss the yearly endorsement income, that is 10 to 15 million dollars.

Endorsement Income 10 to 15 Million Dollars

Some More info About Magic Johnson

How much does Magic Johnson own of the dodgers?

Magic Johnson had purchased some Dodgers stock at the time, and he was the team’s owner at the time. While he invested $50 million.

How much did Magic Johnson pay for the dodgers?

When he bought shares of this company, he was paid around 50 million dollars, but at this time, he is the owner of 3.5 billion dollars.

How much did Magic Johnson make in the NBA?

According to some sources, he earned from the NBA throughout his career, which is somewhere between 40 and 50 million dollars, but this is an approximate figure.

How much did Magic Johnson sell Starbucks for

As we have discussed, Magic Johnson is a famous business personality, but people want to know about Starbucks. So Johnson sells Starbucks for approximately $30 million.

How much does Magic Johnson own of the Lakers?


How much does Magic Johnson charge to speak?

The approximate figure is $75,000.

How much money does Magic Johnson have?

At this time, he is the owner of $605 million. He has started some more businesses, and in the future, their net worth figure will increase.

How much is a Magic Johnson Rookie Card Worth?

Recently, Magic Johnson sell his rookie card for under $80000.

When did Magic Johnson Retire?

Magic Johnson announced retirement in 1996.

Where did Magic Johnson make his Money?

He made a lot of money during his NBA career, but after he retired, he started some businesses and invested in different companies. But he has not issued the company name. Moreover, endorsements are one of the major sources of income for this celebrity.

Further, Magic Johnson net worth 2022 is $605 million. For the betterment of the poor people, he has made some organizations as well and every year sends a major amount to different charity houses.

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