Eli Manning Net Worth 2023: How much does Eli Manning make a Year?

Eli Manning Net WorthEli Manning Net Worth 2023

$ 150 Million

Eli Manning, a retired popular footballer, is doing business after leaving the NFL in 2019. He joined the NFL in 2004 when he played with the Ole Miss Rebels football team that was represented by the University of Mississippi. Throughout his career, he played with the New York Giants and did not change to any single team. He retired from the NFL at the age of 39, having won several awards and titles during his career, including the Maxwell Award.

When he completed his graduation, he was drafted into the NFL and joined the New York Giants. On the other hand, most of the time he is known for his welfare work because he recently set up a clinic for children where poor people can get treatment for his children without any cost. Furthermore, many of the other projects of this type are under processing.


How much does Eli Manning make a Year?

  • At this moment, Eli Manning has not contracted with each team because he is ending his career with the NFL in 2020.
  • Furthermore, many of the brands have signed endorsement contracts with them, and he earns approximately $17 million per year from endorsements.
  • Furthermore, she often appears in TV commercials for one real estate agency.
Annual Salary $84,000,000
Endorsement Income 17 Million Dollars
Bonus N/A

Eli Manning Some Highlights

Home / House New Orleans
Car Toyota, Rolls Royce
Current Team N/A
Previous Team New York Giants
Position Quarterback
NFL Started Career 2004

How much does Eli Manning make in Endorsements?

  • Across his career, he has endorsed different brands, but people are looking for Eli Manning endorsement money, which is around 17 to 20 million dollars annually.
  • Moreover, major brands like Nike and Toyota Motor, among many others, that are working in America have signed contracts for a year.
Endorsement Earning 17 to 20 Million Dollars Annually
Endorsement Brands Nike and Toyota Motor

How much Money did Eli Manning makeover his Career?

  • The year 2004 was lucky for Eli Manning because he was selected in the NFL Draft and joined the New York Giants.
  • From 2004 to 2020, he played with them, and throughout his career, he was the highest-paid person in NFL history.
  • So, how much money did Eli Manning make over his career? That is 252.5 million dollars.
  • While this is an estimated figure, we cannot say this is exact.
Over the NFL Career Earning 252.5 Million Dollars

All the time his father fought for human rights and for the welfare of the poor, he built different organizations. But now Eli Manning is carrying all the things, and recently he has built a hospital for just poor children.

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