Chris Jericho Net Worth 2023: Salary, Autograph: How much does Chris Jericho make in AEW?

Chris Jericho Net Worth 2023Chris Jericho Net Worth 2023

$18 Million

At the age of 19, he enrolled in a wrestling school where he learned the skills of wrestling. In the era of 1990, he started his professional wrestling career as Chris Jericho. During the early days of his career, he wrestled for CNWA, CMLL, and Romance in Japan. After playing some small tournaments, he finally reached the world championship. Chris Jericho will spend the next three years with promotions, and during these days he will play some matches with Goldberg, Dean Malenko, and Booker. Recently, he signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and is now playing with them. Furthermore, Chris Jericho Net Worth 2023 is mentioned, as well as salary, sponsor details, and how much does Chris Jericho makes in AEW.


Chris Jericho Salary

For the information of the fans and followers, Chris Jericho was playing with AEW at the time. The basic salary of this player is $5 lacs, as well as a bonus, yet not included. Moreover, this is an annual salary, not a monthly one. Further, if the salary figure increases or we sign a new salary contract with another team, we will update.

Chris Jericho Annual Salary $5 Lac

Chris Jericho Autograph

These days, his team is preparing the autograph schedule because when he is free from the championship, he must meet with fans and followers where the audience can take an autograph from this celebrity. Moreover, when the schedule for Chris Jericho autograph is released, we will share it.

Autograph Signing Schedule Announce in Next Week

Chris Jericho Sponsor

The exact information about the sponsor is not yet available, but one thing is certain: some of the brands that sponsor this player.

Sponsor Name Will Announce Soon

How much does Chris Jericho make in AEW?

Chris Jericho signed a three-year deal with AEW, but people want to know how much Chris Jericho makes at AEW. That is 3,000,000 dollars. Moreover, this figure was gathered through different sources, but we cannot be sure it is exact.

Make in AEW 3,000,000 Dollars

Other Career Info About Chris Jericho:

How many books have Chris Jericho Written?

  • Till now, he has written around seven books on different topics as well as published and available books in the market. Furthermore, all books exist online.

How much is Chris Jericho AEW Contract?

  • Recently, he signed a three-year contract with Chris Jericho as well as an annual salary of $5,000 from his team. Moreover, if he extends his contract with AEW, we will update him.

How many titles has Chris Jericho Won?

  • Till now, he’s won titles during his career. This celebrity has joined the list of players who have won more than five titles in their careers.

How many matches has Chris Jericho had?

  • His career started in the early 90s, but people ask how many matches Chris Jericho has had. There are 1670 matches, but this is an estimated figure for this celebrity.

How much money does Chris Jericho make?

  • During his career, he made a lot of income, but when people saw his lifestyle, they wanted to know how much money Chris Jericho made. So Chris Jericho net worth 2022 is 18 million dollars.

How much does Chris Jericho make a Year?

  • The most valuable info is how much Chris Jericho makes a year. That is 10 million dollars. Because the basic salary of this player is $5 lacs while he earns around $7 lacs from endorsements or sponsorship.

How much did Chris Jericho make in WWE?

  • The info about how much Chris Jericho made in WWE does not exist, either. He won the WWE Championship six times. In the future, if he issues a statement regarding WWE income, we will update.

Here you can get the Chris Jericho Net Worth 2023: Salary, Autograph: How much does Chris Jericho make in AEW? Moreover, he is playing with AEW at this time, and if he signs a new contract with another group, we will update.

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