Carson Wentz Net Worth 2023: How much does Carson Wentz Make a Year?

Carson Wentz Net Worth 2023Carson Wentz Net Worth 2023

$50 Million

Carson Wentz career started with a college team where he won the round 5 championships. His morals were too strong, so he decided to pursue a career on the football field. During university life, he joined a university team and played in multiple tournaments, winning champion trophies. Due to his best score, he was enrolled in the 2016 NFL draft where the Philadelphia Eagles gave him a chance to perform better. The Philadelphia Eagles signed a 4-year contract with this player. The value of this contract is $128 million. He won different awards, like Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week and some others. He has built some organizations for the betterment of poor children who cannot afford education expenses and every year sends a major amount of his income to the charity houses.


How much does Carson Wentz Make a Year?

Every year, he earned $22 million in salary from his team, while many of the brands signed contracts. So the endorsement contract information is 6 million dollars. Moreover, many of the other sources exist where he is earning, but he has not been issued on the internet.

Salary Per Year 20.4 Million Dollar
Endorsement Income 6 Million Dollar

Carson Wentz Some Highlights

House / Home Raleigh, North Carolina
Car Ford
Current Team Indianapolis Colts
Previous Team Philadelphia Eagles
Position Quarterback
NFL Career Started 2016

Carson Wentz Salary

His basic annual salary is $22 million, according to contract terms and conditions. On the other hand, this is an estimated figure for his annual salary because he has not officially announced it.

Annual Salary 22 Million Dollar

How much does Carson Wentz Make Per Game?

He was undoubtedly paid per game in college, but when he entered the NFL, he signed his first contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Furthermore, the total contract value and annual income have been released, but how much does Carson Wentz makes per game is still unknown.

Per Game Income N/A

How many Games has Carson Wentz Missed?

Due to some injuries and other reasons, he missed 13 games throughout his career. During a game, one time, he was injured badly, and then his team gave him some time off for bed rest. But, for the time being, he is completely fit and mindful of his diet.

Missed Games 13 Games Missed

How much is Carson Wentz Contract?

The duration of this contract is 4 years and the total amount was decided at around 128 million dollars, including the bonus amount. Moreover, when this contract expires, maybe his team will extend the contract. Further, the annual salary of this player is 20.4 million dollars.

Contract Duration 4-Year
Contract Amount 128 Million Dollar
Bonus Amount $20 Million

How much Money is Carson Wentz Guaranteed?

When a player signs a contract with any team, firstly, both the team management and the player decide the guarantee amount and then finalize the contract. So, the guarantee amount of Carson Wentz contract is 26 million dollars.

Guaranteed Amount $68.5 Million

Carson Wentz Endorsement Income

The endorsement income of this celebrity is around 6 million dollars because many famous brands have also signed contracts with them. As well, this is the annual income because he signed a minimum one-year contract.

Endorsement Income 6 Million Dollar

His father was a social activist and helped the poor and needy people, but now he follows in his father’s footsteps. Because he takes many decisions for the betterment of the children who are interested in education and football, but due to some issues, they cannot carry them.

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