Antonio Brown Net Worth 2023: How much does Antonio Brown Make a Year?

Antonio Brown Net Worth 2023Antonio Brown Net Worth 2023

$ 25 Million

The year 2010, however, was the most successful year in Antonio Brown’s life because he was selected for the NFL draft and signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a wide receiver. He played with this team till 2018 and then he changed his team. He has previously played for three different teams, but he is currently with the New England Patriots. The father of Antonio Brown was a famous footballer, but an interesting point is that he did not take any guidance from his father about football fields. Because when his father was part of the Arena Football League, he was living alone.

No doubt, during the initial stages of his career he faced a lot of problems, but he faced them and made space in a university football team. During his NFL career, he broke a lot of records, while making many new records, and at this time, he was the star of the NFL.


How much does Antonio Brown Make a Year?

Antonio Brown’s lifestyle is very luxurious because he uses a Rolls-Royce car that is very expensive. As well, the worth of Antonio Brown is millions of dollars, so people are finding out how much Antonio Brown makes a year, which is around 9 million dollars.

Endorsement Income $6 Million
Annual Salary $3 Million

Antonio Brown Salary

Currently, he is a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while, according to his contract terms and conditions, he is worth 3.1 million dollars because he signed just for one year. Moreover, if they extend the contract duration, we will be updated. In addition, the salary figure of other teams where he has played is mentioned below.

Antonio Brown Salary by Year 3.1 Million Dollars
Antonio Brown Salary Raiders $860,294
Antonio Brown Salary Buccaneers $3.1 million

Antonio Brown Contract History

Team Names Contract Worth
Pittsburgh Steelers $176,776,000
Oakland Raiders $960,294
New England Patriots $6,143,921
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $1,500,000

Antonio Brown Endorsements

  • Antonio Brown’s credibility is better in the eyes of fans and on social media with millions of likes and followers. Every year, different brands sign endorsement contracts with them. Definitely, when brands do endorsements through celebrities, the selling ratio of products will automatically increase.
  • But for endorsements, they pay a heavy amount to the celebrity. So look below and check the brand name and endorsement income of Antonio Brown.
Endorsement Income 6 Million Dollar

How much does Antonio Brown make in the NFL?

  • At the start of 2010, he joined the National Football League and started playing. He spent around 12 years in the NFL. He changed three teams, but at this time, he was playing with Tampa Bay. People are also seeking how much Antonio Brown makes in the NFL.
  • That amount is not declared officially and we will not share any fake earning stats. We will update if he issues NFL earnings throughout his career in the future.
Make in NFL N/A

How much did Antonio Brown Sign for with the Buccaneers?

  • At this moment, he is playing with the Buccaneers, but he signed for just one year. When this contract was signed, the salary amount was decided at $916,000, besides the signing bonus amount of $2 million, and the roster bonus was $370,000.
  • All people can take how much Antonio Brown’s contract with the Buccaneers is worth. At the end of this year, his contract will close. If team management and Antonio Brown agree on an extension, we will update.
Contract Worth with Buccaneers 3 Million Dollar

How much did Antonio Brown make with the Steelers?

  • In 2017, Antonio Brown’s team extended their contract for four years as well. The contract’s worth was around 70 million dollars. His team decided the annual salary was 18 million dollars without a bonus amount.
  • On the other hand, his team was signed on a guaranteed amount. As a result, the contract guarantee amount was $19 million.
Make with Steelers 19 Million Dollar

Antonio Brown set different records in this field as well as won multiple titles. Further, the latest figures of Antonio Brown net worth 2023, salary per year, and how much you make a year are clearly mentioned in the table. Moreover, if he shares some new information, we will update.

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