Hitman Holla Net Worth 2023: How much does Hitman Holla Make Per Episode?

Hitman Holla Net WorthHitman Holla Net Worth 2023

$ 5 Million

 Before entering the music industry, Hitman Holla was known as a battle rapper and for his punch lines while he spent his free time in the streets with his friends playing football. But one breakthrough came in his career when he started rapping, and within a few days, he recorded his first album, which was much loved across the world. At this time, he is considered one of the top 10 rappers. Suddenly, a video went viral in which he was seen knocking out the Bil Klacter. On the other hand, he gave a major amount to the one research institute that was researching breast cancer. In addition, he is doing concerts in different countries, and most importantly, before each concert, people took time two months ago, according to the secretary statement.


How much does Hitman Holla Make Per Episode?

  • Hitman Holla has worked in different series as well people who are well aware of them are looking per episode income that is $70,000 per episode.
  • In addition, this is some old figure because per episode income does not exist. Moreover, if officially declare then we will update.
Per Episode Income $70,000

Hitman Holla Youtube Channel

Hitman Holla runs an official youtube channel where he uploads short videos about concerts and rapping. On the other hand, millions of people have subscribed to youtube channels but he has not issued the youtube income. Moreover, youtube subscriber is 24.4K.

Youtube Channel Subscriber 24.4K
Youtube Income Yet Not Issued

Hitman Holla Some Highlights

Real Name Gerald Fulton, Jr
Home/House St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Youtube Channel Name Hitman Holla

How much does Hitman Holla Make Per Battle?

Hitman Holla earns around $30,000 per battle. He has done many rapping fights and earned millions of dollars, which has contributed significantly to his net worth.

Make Per Battle $30,000

At this time, Hitman Holla is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia with his girlfriend while his fiance provides support all the time. Even when he recorded his first album, his girlfriend forced him to. Furthermore, he will have fun with Cinnamon in the future. Furthermore, he spent a major amount on welfare work while every month he sent millions of dollars to different charity organizations that raise poor children.

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