Hitman Holla Net Worth 2024: How much does Hitman Holla Make Per Episode?

Before entering the music industry, Hitman Holla was recognized as a battle rapper known for his punchlines, spending his free time in the streets playing football with friends. His career took a turn when he began rapping, quickly recording his first album to worldwide acclaim. A video of him knocking out Bil Klacter went viral. After getting success, he donated a significant sum to a breast cancer research institute. He is also touring various countries, and notably, tickets for each concert were sold out two months in advance, as stated by his secretary.

Hitman Holla Net Worth 2024:

He is a struggling boy who has not inherited any thing in life. At start, Hitman Holla net worth was grown more smoothly then the recent time. Hope so, 2024 will the better year of his life related to income and other aspects.

Year Net Worth
2024 $6 Million

How much does Hitman Holla Make Per Episode?

He was appeared in various series, and those well aware of his work may know that he make $60,000 per episode income. These figures are now outdated due to the absence of current per episode income. Moreover, if he do some new work then new terms will decide too.

Per Episode Income $60,000

His Youtube Channel:

Their is a channel on name of Hitman Holla where he uploads short videos about concerts and rapping. On the other hand, good number of his fans have subscribed to youtube channels but he has not issued the social media income. Moreover, subscriber are good in number.

Channel Subscriber 25.2K
Youtube Income Yet Not Issued

he is Hitman Holla

“Some Highlights”

Real Name Gerald Fulton, Jr
Car Mercedes Benz (May change now)
Where is He from? St. Louis
Youtube Channel Name Hitman Holla

How much Hitman Holla Make Per Battle?

He earned around $30,000 per battle. His participation in numerous rap battles has resulted in him earning millions of dollars, greatly contributing to his overall net worth.

Make Per Battle $30,000

As per past update, Hitman Holla resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where his family provides continuous support. Even when he recorded his first album, his partner encouraged him to do so. Additionally, he looks forward to having a good time with Cinnamon in the future. Furthermore, he is actively involved in philanthropy, dedicating a significant amount to charitable names that assist underprivileged children every month, contributing millions of dollars. This is responsibility that every rich person do this type of work.

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