Ezekiel Elliott Net Worth 2024, Salary: How much does he Make a Year?

For many years, Ezekiel Elliott played for the Dallas Cowboys, a team he joined in the 2006 NFL draft. Although he is no longer with them but his tenure there significantly contributed to his net worth. His annual salary with his new team is $3 million. Besides this, Elliott has multiple other income sources. Of course, he signed endorsement deals with several reputable brands, which pay him a substantial amount annually.

Ezekiel Elliott Net Worth 2024:

A big name like Ezekiel Elliott deserves such a net worth. But the current year’s salary stats show that his wealth has stopped growing much after the last deal. Perhaps he will get a better offer after this, as it’s only for one year.

Current Net Worth (Every amount is Approx.)

$46 Million

In 2023 $42 M
2022 $38 M
2021 $36 M

Ezekiel Elliott Salary 2024

He is playing with the New England Patriots, and according to his contract, the annual salary of this player is around:

  • 3 Million Dollar


When the Dallas Cowboys selected Ezekiel in a NFL Draft, it marked the beginning of his professional career. It was not a coincidence that he was the first draft pick that year and was the first selection among running backs.

In the team’s season opener against the New York Giants, he made his first appearance as a rookie under his rookie contract with the Cowboys. Ezekiel’s first NFL touchdown came during this game.

  • Then,  a number of honors and achievements were awarded to him as he continued his impressive play throughout his rookie year.

Now, his sudden shift to the Patriots surprised everyone, as a couple of years are still left in his contract with the Cowboys. But this is part of the sport, where players and teams often make changes.

Occupation of Ezekiel Elliott
1st NFL
2nd Endorsements

he is Ezekiel Elliott

Early Life and Biography:

NOTE: Basic info about Ezekiel Elliott early life discuss below the bullets.
  • In 1995, he opened his eyes in the home of two athletes, his mother and father.
  • No doubt, his mother was an extraordinarily brilliant player, as she had won three rings during her career.
  • Ezekiel’s early education was completed at John Burroughs School, where he showed interest in football. Now, he is a shining star in the NFL.

How much does Ezekiel Elliott Make a Year?

As already indicated, he now makes less compared to the income he earned a few years ago. The main reason is the decline in salary. Yet, he probably manages to make $4 million a year.

Recent Year Income $4 million

Generally known as a Dallas Cowboys player, he is a runner who performed for them in the past but is now not part of the team. During his career, he won some of the most important titles, such as ‘FedEx Ground Player of the Year’ and ‘Offensive Rookie of the Year.’ Currently, he is among the game changing players in the NFL who are actively playing. His father was a linebacker for the Missouri football team, so he inherited this sport and picked up many things comparatively more easily.

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